Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Another Successful Everglades Fishing Trip 5-6-2008

The Everglades fishing in Florida continues to be Florida bass fishing at it's best!.Today May 6th, we had out Mike Kozioll from Palos Parl, IL. Mike is a die hard and man do I mean a die hard. Mike fished topwater lures for almost 10 hours today. It's more proof, almost any lure if fished hard all day will produce. Condition were anything but good for topwater, high pressure, back side of the moon and a bright blue bird day. Even with these conditions, I feel this is when a good fishing guide earns his money and proves he's not just a bass fishermen with a cool boat.

We took Mike deep into the Everglades, how deep? We never seen another boat or fishermen all day. The fishing was great, not fantastic. But for chunking and winding topwater plugs all day it was great. His favorite lure, the fire tiger pop-r did not getter done today and man did he try to make it work...haha. Looking through the hundreds of lures I had, we found a few of my old reliables that did the job quite well. Mike's day started out slow and finished strong, "slow and steady" Mike said to me. Besides the alligators, birds & deer we seen his most overwhelming experience was catching 3, 4, 5 & a 6 pound bass on topwater under these conditions with biggest bass coming at 12:15pm. Little to no wind, water temps nearly 80 degrees, "What a great place this is, a paradise for bass" said Mike.

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Good Fishing & Tight Lines,
Capt Todd

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